How Can You Make Sweet Potatoes Sweeter?

🍠There are many varieties of sweet potatoes in Japan, and they are all sweet and delicious. In particular, sweet potatoes baked slowly at a low temperature using stones are exceptionally sweet and delicious. In Japan, there are kitchen cars selling sweet potatoes roasted with stones. How is this sweetness produced?

🍠The key to sweetness is maltose, which is produced by the decomposition of starch. This decomposition reaction is catalyzed by beta-amylase, but the starch must be gelatinized. Gelatinization usually occurs at 70-75 °C, depending on the variety. On the other hand, the activity of β-amylase decreases significantly at temperatures above 80°C. In summary, heating at ~75 °C will result in a sweeter product. Heating by the microwave oven will not produce enough maltose because the temperature rises so quickly.

🍠If you just want to sweeten, heat at ~75 °C. However, if cooked at this temperature for a long time, the sweet potatoes may become hard. This is due to the hardening of pectin. Note that at lower temperatures, hardening is more likely to occur.

Source of graph: Reference 2

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