How Can You Remover Tomato Stains?

When you spill tomatoes on your white clothes, it is difficult to remove them. How can we remove the tomato stain? If you know the chemical structure of the red component of tomatoes, you may be able to come up with an answer.

🔴The red color of vegetables is similar but different. Carotenoids are a group of natural pigments that exhibit red, orange, yellow, etc., and have very long conjugated chains. These conjugated chains are responsible for their color and also have strong antioxidant properties.

🍅🌶️Can you distinguish the color of a tomato from that of a chili pepper? In lycopene, 11 C=C double bonds are conjugated, while in capsaicin, 10 C=C double bonds and one carbonyl group are conjugated. The absorption wavelengths are probably different.

🔴Since lycopene is virtually insoluble in water, it is difficult to wash it off itself. If it is difficult to wash off, we can destroy this molecule. The conjugated double bonds are easily oxidized to diminish their color. Exposing tomato🍅 stains to sunlight☀️ is one of the best ways. Use of bleaching agents with the ability to act as oxidizers is also suitable way. Note that some clothes are damaged by strong UV light irradiation, be careful.

🌿This is the wisdom of plants protecting themselves from the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Can humans take advantage of this? Lycopene🍅 is a strong antioxidant, and when taken into the body, we expect to have a number of benefits, including reducing damage to the skin. In fact, a German research group showed that ingestion of lycopene-rich tomato products🍅 for 10-12 weeks decreased in the sensitivity toward UV-induced erythema. A similar study for Japanese people also showed a similar effect by drinking one can of tomato juice🍅 every day for 12 weeks.

※The results are in a research stage and this post did not intend to recommend the intake of them. If you want to prevent damage from UV rays, you should use sunscreen.


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